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Inhaler Testimonials

2007 Women's Musky Division Testimonial

Here is a picture of my personal best I caught this year on your Series 70 Firefly Gold Firetiger Bucktail. It measured out at 50.5". I caught her on Green Bay casting. Your bait held up very well, I am very pleased with the durability.

Jo Musky with personal best musky caught on an Inhaler Firefly Bucktail.

Hook Em' Hard,
Joe Junion
president ~ C & R Musky Club

Victor Piirtos 52 inch muskie caught on an Inhaler Firefly bucktail.
Victor Piirto's 52 inch muskie caught using an Inhaler Firefly bucktail.


 “I love your Inhaler Bucktails – I can throw them with ease and my 48” Musky proves they work.”
Theresa Blanks – Minnesota

“Inhaler Bucktails have produced over 20 Muskies this year already – I would not fish without them.”
Dan Breaduman – Illinois


Muskie caught with Inhaler Bucktail Pro French by Chuck Keiper, Ohio.  52.75 inch muskie caught in French River, Ontario, Canada
My Great Catch on a Bucktail Pro French

Muskie: 37 lbs. 8 oz., 52 3/4 inches

Caught in French River, Camp McIntosh, Britt, Ontario (near the Georgian Bay) by Chuck Keiper, 1498 Ridgecrest Drive, Ohio  44240 on July 17, 2008 at 3:15 pm.


Monster muskie with Inhaler bucktail in its mouth.  Great fish.
Awesome Muskie, check out where the bucktail is, deep in the mouth.

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Make your own bucktail - custom bucktails available..

"If you would like to custom make your bucktails just let us know in the "ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTION" section after you have added a bucktail to your cart.  You can mix and match any blade color and bucktail color that we offer by putting the directions in the additional instruction box.  If you want a chartreuse bucktail with a brass blade just let us know, as long as we offer that color bucktail and that color blade we can custom make them for you."

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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  Buck Alert - Combo   
Buck Alert Motion Detection System. 
3 Alarm mode settings:  Light, Sound or Vibrate.  
Price $49.99
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Buck Alert - Extra Detector Unit
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